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Last updated: August 4th, 2011

www.intercyprus.com takes every care to offer their visitors a useful and informative experience during their visits to their Web pages. We make every effort to keep our Website free of any information or other content in any form that will offend, disturb or otherwise be objectionable to our visitors. As the above terms may sometimes be subjective and perceived differently by separate visitors, please do not hesitate to contact us explaining clearly why you believe any of the information in this Website is in any way objectionable to you.

Although www.intercyprus.com makes every effort so that information that you receive from advertisers to our Website is in accordance with our published Terms for Inclusion, we cannot be held legally or otherwise responsible for the advertisers’ messages or their websites’ content.

www.intercyprus.com publishes advertisements and/or links to third party services on the web which may sell products or services which you may choose to purchase or subscribe to. Although we make every effort to ensure that these services are trusted and that they deliver as advertised or promised, the sole responsibility for these transactions between you and these services rests with the advertiser or website with which you have performed your transaction. Consequently, we cannot be held legally or otherwise responsible for any issue that arises from such transactions. If, however, you feel that you have an issue with any of them that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please contact us and we will be glad to offer our good services to the degree of our ability in order to help so that the issue may be resolved. In the case that the issue is not resolved and we feel that you have a valid claim towards the third party please rest assured that we will not hesitate to terminate any relationship with the offending third party.

www.intercyprus.com values their users’ experience very much. Our Website is hosted on reliable dedicated servers for fast and uninterrupted access at all times and is designed to be user friendly and easily navigable from any browser and operating platform. If at any time you have any trouble in accessing or navigating our Website we wiil be most grateful if you contact us describing the circumstances under which you met with such difficulty.

www.intercyprus.com wishes all visitors to their Web pages a pleasant and useful user experience and is always open to suggestions for enhancements and improvements in their content and services offered.

Terms for Inclusion and Guidelines

for URL Submissions

Last updated: March 5th, 2007

The acceptance or declining of URL submissions are the sole and final decision of the editorial staff of InterCyprus.com. Sites containing adult or gambling material, or any form of illegal, offending or misleading content are inadmissible. Listed sites must be operational and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The position and ranking of standard listings will be in accordance with our current policy, which at this time follows the order of submission of your information.InterCyprus.com may at any time remove a listing or change a listing’s category if the content of a site listed is altered in a way which is in violation of the current Terms and Guidelines and/or the information submitted originally, or if it violates for any other reason our published Terms and Guidelines. We reserve the right to alter our policy, as well as any of the terms and guidelines, at any time without prior notification. Any such changes or other changes in our terms and guidelines for submissions will be posted here without further notification.