Cute Princess Style Little Rabbit Doll Backpack with Colorful Sequins - Cyprus

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- Princess Style Little Rabbit Doll Backpack 🎒
- Adorned with Colourful Sequins for an Eye-catching Look ✨
- Made from Durable Nylon Material
- Easy to Clean by Hand Washing
- Zipper Closure for Easy Access
- Suitable for Children Aged 6-12 Years Old 👧🏼👦🏼
- Adjustable Strap for a Comfortable Fit
- Water-resistant Design for Added Protection 💧
- Lightweight for Easy Carrying

- Material: Nylon
- Style: Cute
- Operation Instruction: Hand Wash
- Popular Elements: Sequins
- Closure Type: Zipper
- Applicable Age Group: 6-12 Years Old
- Accessory: Adjustable strap
- Special Features: Water-resistant, Lightweight
- Item ID: VF11738

Package Includes:
- 1 x Princess Style Little Rabbit Doll Backpack with Colorful Sequins - Cyprus

**Notes to Customers:**
- Ensure the backpack is cleaned by hand washing only to maintain its vibrant appearance and durability.
- Adjust the strap to fit your child securely for comfortable wear.
- Please note that while the backpack is water-resistant, it is not waterproof, so avoid prolonged exposure to water.

This Princess Style Little Rabbit Doll Backpack with its colourful sequins is a delightful accessory for young ones, combining style with functionality. Perfect for school, outings, or everyday adventures, this backpack is sure to bring a smile to your child's face. Get yours today and let your little one carry their essentials in enchanting style!