Yeeco Multifunction Digital LCD Multimeter DC 0-100V 0-30A Wireless Voltmeter Ammeter Watt Meter Capacity Tester Electricity Meter Coulomb Meter

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  • With multi functionality, can real-time detection of voltage, current, power, capacity, watts, time etc; the measure voltage range: DC0-100V/ ampere range: 0-30A/ power range: 0-200KW/ capacity range: 0%-100%/ watt range: 0-400KWh/ time range: 0-99 days
  • Wireless color LCD display, free to set the brightness, can clearly see the data even in the strong light
  • With built-in relay which can achieve the over-current protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, and limited protection and other protection
  • Support the capacity value by custom settings, used in the battery charging and discharge, can be real-time monitoring of the discharge of power and charge into the power; can monitor the battery capacity in real time. very suitable for monitoring the output voltage and current, and the battery charging and discharge monitoring application occasions
  • With the strong practicality and wide application; with different installation ways, can wireless communication or wired connection