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Petrol Engine Bi-directional Leveling Screed

These vibrating screeds allow a flat and level concrete finish to be achieved without the need for guide rails. They are bi-directional meaning you can screed both forwards or backwards and side to side from a single position. The vibrating action improves the consolidation of the concrete particles for a higher quality finish in a shorter time.

The blade on these units is hollow with a convex profile which is designed to make pushing or pulling concrete easier. There is a blade pitch control built into the handle which means by rotating the handle either clock-wise or anti-clockwise, you can optimise for a pushing or pulling action without stopping to make complicated adjustments. The handle is extendable to suit operators of all heights and to make reaching difficult places achievable. 

This powered screen runs a genuine Honda GX25 4-stroke petrol engine making for smooth, quiet and reliable operation. These are quality commercial engines coupled to a quality screed which will make life easier and the task completion faster.