Smart Voltage Tester Pen: Detects Voltage 12-1000V!

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- Accurate and reliable voltage detection from 12-1000V
- Non-contact design for safe and easy use
- Smart sensor technology with sound and light alerts
- Portable and convenient size with a pocket clip
- Versatile for testing outlets, circuit breakers, light fixtures, and more

- Material: PPSU (plastic)
- Colour: Mixed Colour
- Power Mode: Battery Powered
- Measurement Accuracy: 1
- Operating Voltage: ≤36V
- Laser Products: Other Portable Laser Product
- Laser Power: ≥0.4 mW and <1 mW
- Battery Properties: Non-rechargeable Battery
- Non-rechargeable Battery: AAA Battery
- Item ID: AM05658

Stay safe and secure with our Smart Voltage Tester Pen! This essential tool offers accurate voltage detection from 12-1000V, ensuring precise readings for your electrical work. The non-contact design guarantees your safety and convenience, allowing you to test without direct wire contact. Equipped with smart sensor technology, the pen provides immediate alerts through sound and light signals, eliminating any guesswork during testing.

Compact and portable, this tester comes with a handy pocket clip, making it effortless to carry around for on-the-go use. Whether you're testing outlets, circuit breakers, or light fixtures, this versatile pen is perfect for a wide range of applications.

**Package Includes:**
- 1 x Smart Voltage Tester Pen

**Safety Reminder:**
Always exercise caution when handling electricity, even with a voltage tester. Remember to disconnect power sources before testing to avoid accidents. Regularly check the tester for any signs of damage and replace batteries when necessary to maintain accurate readings. Your safety is our top priority!