RCGF 15cc MK2 Side Exhaust Gas Engine w/CD Ignition and Walbro Carb 2.1HP@9500rpm

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RCGF engines have proven themselves the world over for quality and reliability. The RCGF 15cc MK2 single cylinder side exhaust gas engine is the perfect choice for model aircraft where you want a lightweight unit with plenty of power. The MK2 version comes with new style DA ported head which provides even more power but still keeps the engine very easy to tune while still maintaining a smooth idle. Another difference with the MK2 engine is the composite insulator block that houses the reed valve and mounts between the Walbro carb and the engine. This insulator block helps stop heat transference from the engine to the carb for improved running. The supplied electronic ignition adjusts the timing automatically to give peak performance throughout the entire rev range.

The rear induction Walbro carburetor keeps the cross section of the engine slim which is perfect for scale airplanes with tight engine cowls. The engine includes standoffs for mounting to engine boxes and firewalls, spark plug, muffler and an electronic ignition module. Just add an ignition battery, prop, and mount it up to your favorite airplane.

A feature of RCGF engines is that every one is test run and the Walbro carburetor is tuned before it leaves the factory. However, due to different altitudes and weather conditions slight adjustments will be necessary when you run your engine for the first time.

• All cast aluminum crankcase
• Walbro rear intake pumper carb
• Composite carb insulator
• Compact side mounted muffler with gasket
• Auto advance electronic ignition module
• Mounting standoff spacers included

Type: 2 cycle single cylinder gasoline aircraft engine
Piston Displacement: 15cc
Bore and Stroke: 31 x 22mm
Max Power Output: 2.1hp @ 9500rpm
Rev Range: 1500~9800rpm
Power Supply (for ignition unit): 4.8~8.4V
Suggested Propeller: 14x7, 14x8, 15x6
Suggest Break-In prop: 14x7
Spark Plug: NGK 1/4 32
Carburetor: Walbro
Cooling System: Air cooled
Ignition: DC-CDI computer controlled auto advance electronic ignition system
Weight: 825g inc muffler and ignition system
Recommended Fuel/Oil Ratio: 30:1 90 Octane unleaded gasoline and 2T Oil

RCGF 15cc MK2 single cylinder side exhaust gas engine
Electronic CDI ignition unit
Side exhaust muffler with gasket and bolts
NGK 1/4 32 spark plug
Set of stand offs
Set of mounting bolts
Power harness
Instruction manual

4.8~8.4V 1200mAh or larger capacity battery
Suitable propeller
2 stroke 30:1 gasoline mix