Portable Personal Home Beauty Scrubber For Exfoliating Massage

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Innovation 2021 EMS Machine Portable Personal Home Beauty Scrubber For Exfoliating Massage.


1.The ultrasonic skin scrubber aims to cleanse skin and pores by removing blackheads and acne. The micro energy produced by ultrasonic vibrations can penetrate into skin to cleanse skin deeply by striking and cleaning out blackheads and acne in the hair follicle rapidly.

2.The function of lead-out: Clean skin. The ultrasonic skin scrubber can absorb the black spots blocked in pores.

3.The function of lead-in: Promote the absorption of essence. When put the reverse side of ultrasonic skin scrubber close to the skin , the ultrasonic combining with the vibration massage mode, will help widen pores and cells, which makes moisturizer penetrate into skin and be absorbed easily.

4.EMS micro current dual roller for lifting and firming V line. Applying the EMS current to make muscle move again to make the skin full of elasticity. Stimulating subcutis to energize cell and induce skin collagen contraction and rejuvenation would produce new collagen and make the muscle firmer and more youthful.
5.Skin-friendly and high quality silicone cover.
When the silicone cover of the skin scrubber with ultrasonic vibration mode, it is a small facial cleaning brush which can clean skin.