🟢 L16-R Miniature Linear Servo for RC - 50mm - 150:1 - 6 vdc

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- Optional stroke lengths of 50mm, 100mm or 140mm
- 3 gearing options for maximum forces between 50N (11lbs) and 200N (45lbs)
- Maximum speeds between 8mm/s and 32mm/s
- Operating voltage: 6V
- Material: Anodized aluminum shaft, metal gearbox, steel ball bearings
- Weight: Between 56g-84g
- Compatibility: RC receivers (excluding Futaba receivers below 6V)

Unleash the power of precise linear motion with the L16-R Miniature Linear Servo for RC. Here's why this servo stands out:

- Versatile Compatibility: Works seamlessly with RC receivers, Arduino boards, and VEX micro-controllers.
- Durable Construction: Crafted with an anodized aluminium shaft, metal gearbox, and steel ball bearings for long-lasting performance.
- Lightweight Design: Weighing between 56g-84g, ideal for applications requiring higher force while keeping weight minimal.
- Multiple Options: Choose from 9 unique models with optional stroke lengths of 50mm, 100mm or 140mm.
- Customisable Forces: Select from 3 gearing options to achieve forces ranging from 50N (11lbs) to 200N (45lbs).
- Variable Speeds: Enjoy maximum speeds between 8mm/s and 32mm/s for your specific motion requirements.
- Package Includes: L16-R Miniature Linear Servo, ready to elevate your model-building experience.

**Important Note**: Ensure compatibility with 6V operating voltage. Not plug-and-play with Futaba receivers outputting below 6V; consider using a Smart Fly Power Expander or Orbit Power Jack for proper functionality.

Elevate your RC projects with the precision and power of the L16-R Miniature Linear Servo. Experience smooth linear motion like never before!