🟢 EFT E610S 10L Agricultural spraying drone E610S 10KG folding wheelbase frame brushless water pump spray X6 power system kit

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- Ready-to-fly agricultural spraying drone with a 10L water tank capacity
- Folding wheelbase frame for easy transportation and storage
- Equipped with a powerful Hobbywing X6 FOC power system
- Effective spray width of 3-5m for efficient coverage
- Blue waterproof canopy for protection
- Includes a range of spraying system components for seamless operation

- Wheelbase: 1404mm
- Size (after folding): 945x848x500mm
- Wing arms pipe diameter: 30mm
- Frame weight: 6.4kg (including spray system)
- Maximum takeoff weight: 25kg
- Maximum tension: 12kg/shaft (48V, sea level)
- Recommended battery: 12S lipo
- Power recommended takeoff weight: 3-5kg/axis (48V, sea level)
- Overall protection level: IPx7
- Ambient temperature: -20°C to 50°C
- Motor Outer diameter: 70mm
- KV value: 180KV
- Suitable for carbon fiber tube outer diameter: 30mm/28mm
- ESC support battery: 6-12S lipo
- Maximum allowable voltage: 52.2V
- Maximum allowable current: 80A
- Maximum allowable peak current (10 seconds): 100A
- Nozzle mounting threaded hole: 28.4-2xM3
- Propeller diameter x pitch: 2388
- Weight: 91g (including propeller clamps)

Package includes:
- Lengthen nozzle (silica gel version) x4
- Water pump x1
- Quick removal of water pump L type pneumatic connector x2
- Brush pump step-down governor x1
- 8 turn 6 pneumatic connector x1
- 6 turn 6 pneumatic connector x2
- Water pipe

**Customer Reminder:**
Ensure proper calibration and heat dissipation conditions for optimal performance. Follow safety guidelines for drone operation and maintenance. Regularly inspect and maintain the spraying system components for longevity and efficiency.