Bluetooth and WiFi Irrigation Programmer, Intelligent Automatic Watering Timer, Garden Watering Control with App Control for Duration and Rain Delay. Up to 8 bar pressure!

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  • ATTENTION! Timer only without hub. For use as second timer if you already bought the full set. No need to buy the hub again.
  • WiFi connection and app control: you can easily connect the water timer to your smartphone and control it easily and conveniently via your intelligent app. The included WiFi hub socket sends a strong signal, guarantees an immediate and stable connection and makes watering the lawn / garden / greenhouse considerably easier.
  • Manual watering and rain delay – the irrigation timer is equipped with a practical manual watering mode and an intelligent rain delay mode. You can easily access the watering function in an emergency or when temporary irrigation is required. You can also manually activate the rain delay mode.
  • Programmable irrigation schedule – To meet different watering requirements. depending on the weather, season, purpose and conditions, this WiFi irrigation system garden has developed programmable irrigation plans for flexible adjustment. Easy access to start time, end time, watering time and interval settings.
  • Intelligent auto-off mechanism – to avoid water waste, the intelligent garden irrigation system has automatic shut-off protection in case you forget to turn off the power when the irrigation time in manual watering mode exceeds 60 minutes. The intelligent app also tracks the usage recording of the sprinkler timer. This facilitates irrigation management.
  • Common use: Even on holiday or on business trips, you can take care of lawns and plants. App control smart garden sprinkler computer supports sharing functions. If you have any questions about this product, please contact us. We are happy to help you further.

Product description

Tired of traditional watering work that requires a lot of effort? Try ourintelligent WiFi garden irrigation watch. It definitely takes your watering routine to the next level!

★Intelligent app control makes it easy to operate and manage lawn irrigation remotely.
★ Programmable watering plans are available for more flexible watering plans depending on the plant, condition, season, weather and location.
★ The strong signal of the included WiFi hub allows easy, fast connections and stable data transfer from remote locations.
★The manual sprinkler mode is ideal for instant access to water in emergencies or at high temperatures.
★With the intelligent rain delay function, you can manually activate the rain delay mode when it actually rains to prevent accidental activation.
★With the device release function of the watering clock, even family members and neighbours can help clean the lawn.
★Intelligent use tracking makes it easier to display your activation history and easy to manage your irrigation.
★ The automatic shut-off function automatically turns off the watering computer WLAN when the watering time in manual watering mode exceeds 60 minutes to save water.

Product information:
Hose tap connection: 3/4 inch internal thread
Size: 100×136×46mm
Water resistance: IPX5
Working pressure: 0.05Mpa-0.8Mpa
Working temperature: 1℃-45℃
Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries

Box contents:
1 x Garden Irrigation Computer
1 x WiFi hub.
1 x user manual.

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