🔵 KOTUDENAVY 4mm 7 Core Paracord 550 Rope for Hiking & Camping

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- Brand Name: KOTUDENAVY
- Origin: Mainland China
- Type: Seven core umbrella rope
- Diameter: 4mm
- Material: Polypropylene fiber
- Usage: Woven bracelet, binding rope, for outdoor emergency use
- Rope Diameter: 4mm
- Rope Standard: 7 inner strands
- Rope Material: Polyester
- Minimum breaking strength: 550lb
- Available lengths: 5M, 15M, 31M
- Type: Outdoor camping equipment survival kit
- Paracord uses: DIY paracord bracelet, necklace, watch, belt, dog collar, etc.

Unleash your outdoor spirit with the KOTUDENAVY 4mm 7 Core Paracord 550 Rope for Hiking & Camping. Explore the wilderness with confidence, knowing you have a reliable survival companion in your bag. Here's why this paracord rope is a must-have for every adventurer:

- Exceptional Strength: With a remarkable breaking strength of 550lb, this paracord rope is tough enough to handle various outdoor tasks and emergencies.
- Versatile Applications: From crafting DIY bracelets, necklaces, and belts to securing equipment during trekking or camping, the possibilities are endless.
- Reliable Material: Made of high-quality polypropylene fibre, this rope ensures durability and longevity even in harsh outdoor conditions.
- Seven Inner Strands: The seven-core design provides extra resilience and flexibility, making it easy to manipulate for different needs.
- Various Length Options: Choose from 5M, 15M, or 31M lengths to suit your specific outdoor adventures and projects.
- Essential Camping Gear: A vital part of any survival kit, this paracord rope is an essential tool for hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.
- Emergency Preparedness: Be prepared for the unexpected - this paracord is perfect for creating emergency shelters, repairing gear, or securing items.

Warning: Always use this paracord rope responsibly and adhere to safety guidelines during outdoor activities. Remember to familiarise yourself with knot-tying techniques before embarking on your adventures. Stay safe, stay prepared, and let the KOTUDENAVY Paracord Rope be your reliable companion in the great outdoors.