🔵 ZWDZJL 4L 8L Drip Irrigation System with 4-Way Arrow Drip Emitter

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- Innovative 4-way arrow drip emitter design for efficient watering
- Equipped with PE PVC connection method for easy installation
- Anti-wear characteristics for long-lasting use
- Pressure compensation dripper included for stable flow and prevention of leakage
- Jacking design to prevent blockage and ensure seamless dripping

- Model Number: 4L 8L
- Sprinkler Type: SPIKE
- Type: Sprinklers
- Connection method: PE PVC
- Applicable scope: irrigation drips
- Product color: Blue
- Weight: 39g
- Flow Rate: 4L 8L per hour
- Import size: 3/5 mm hose
- Working pressure: 1-2.5kg
- Dimensions: Length 10cm, Width 0.6cm

Package Includes:
- 1 x 4L 8L Drip Irrigation Dropper with 4-way Arrow Drip Emitter

Make your gardening hassle-free with our 4L 8L Drip Irrigation System! This system features an arrow maze design ensuring accurate and uniform dripping. The pressure compensation dripper stabilises flow, while the anti-wear properties guarantee long-term use. With a jacking design to prevent blockage, this drip emitter offers efficient watering for your plants.

Customer Reminder:
- Ensure proper connection of PE PVC for leak-free installation.
- Monitor working pressure within 1-2.5kg to optimise irrigation efficiency.
- Periodically check for blockages to maintain steady dripping performance.

Elevate your gardening experience with the 4L 8L Drip Irrigation System and witness your plants thrive like never before!