2" Super-Finish™ Flat Box Handle

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The Drywall Master Super-Finish™ Box Handle

The one tool that great finishers can't live without. This handle increases the productivity and level of finish when used with flat boxes and angle heads. Now includes angle head ball and short roller handle!

Ideal For:

  • Tight Areas (Closets, Detail, Reveals, Display Inserts) - the 12" length is easier to manage, and gets you closer to your work
  • Short Areas - Places with many short seams between windows and doors
  • Scaffolding - Perfect size for high work where mobility is limited

The Drywall Master Super-Finish™ Handle is also an indispensable tool for increasing production! You can now grab your boxes for fine finish work - replacing your pan and knife!

The Flat Box Adapter Plate detaches easily with new and improved nob screw. The Super-Finish™ handle end is threaded for insertion of an angle head ball, or Angle Box.

  • Super-Finish™ adapts for Angle Head Corner Finisher Work!
  • Super-Finish™ adapts for tight area Angle Box corner finishing work!
  • Simply the most versatile accessory you can buy for automatic taping tools!