2.1X TV Magnification Glasses for Shortsightedness People (Range of Vision: 0 to -300 Degrees)

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1) This type of television glasses has novel designs and modern style

2) It is suitable for nearsighted people (range of vision: 0 to -300 degrees) to watch TV

3) It has such functions as magnifying television images and narrowing television image distance. Furthermore, images are clear and natural without distortion so as to avoid eyestrain

4) The optical characteristics of the MaxTV have been calculated for a distance of 3m, the MaxTV offers a diopter adjustment(option for correcting defective vision) of 0 - -3 dpt

5) It can be adjusted for each eye individually

6) Makes your TV screen appear twice as big

7) Diopter adjustment for each eye individually: 0 to -3 dpt

8) Magnification: 2.1x

9) Field of vision: 9°1m / 3m

10) Pupil distance: 60mm - 68mm

11) Weight: 49g

12) Lens Color: transparent

13) Frame Material: plastic

14) Lens Material: acrylic

15) Size:

- Lens Height: 2.9cm

- Lens Width: 3.5cm

- Bridge Width: 3.4cm

- Overall Width of Frame: 14.3cm

- Temple Length: 13.5cm