🔵 Child-Safe Nitrile Foam Corner Protectors

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Soft L-shaped corner protectors made from Nitrile Foam offer a gentle cushioning solution to safeguard your little ones from sharp edges. Designed for child safety, these protectors are suitable for ages 0-8 years old, providing peace of mind as your child explores their surroundings. Easily install them on any sharp corners for instant safety assurance.

- Soft L-shaped corner protectors designed for child safety
- Made from Nitrile Foam for gentle cushioning
- Suitable for ages 0-8 years old
- Easy to install on sharp corners

- Material: Nitrile Foam
- Age Group:
- 0-3 Years Old
- 3 Years Old - 6 Years Old
- 6 Years Old - 8 Years Old
- Item ID: AL48472

Package Includes:
- X Soft L-shaped Corner Protectors (quantity to be specified)

Ensure a safe environment for your child with these reliable Nitrile Foam corner protectors. Remember to regularly check the condition of the protectors and replace them if damaged to maintain optimal safety standards. Experience peace of mind knowing your child is protected from harm with these easy-to-install corner guards.