Fingerprint Encrypted USB Flash Drive, Forrader 32GB High-speed Recognition Fingerprint Encrypted Pen Drive Dual Storage Security Memory USB Stick

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  • FORRADER 32GB USB STICK: Fingerprint encryption, high-speed identification, double storage,Push-pull design, your safest storage tool
  • FINGERPRINT ENCRYPTION: Fingerprint encryption, a combination of secure data storage space and biometric technology,To prevent unauthorized users malicious access to data
  • HIGH-SPEED IDENDIFICATION: fast fingerprint recognition, secure, plug-and-play, saving time when transferring digital files, photos, games, music and other content
  • DUAL STORAGE: Dual storage, fingerprint U disk contains public and hidden sectors (PUBLIC and SECURE),Common sectors in the fingerprint U disk inserted after the computer's USB port can immediately access,But the hidden sector only in the corresponding fingerprint authentication will appear after the success
  • THE PUSH-AND-PULL OUTER: case not only makes the pen drive looks simple but fashionable and also protect the usb interface.