🟢 iSense 3D iPad 3D scanner+ iPad2 + case (used like new)

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- Create your own 3D printables on the go with the iSense mobile 3D scanner for the iPad
- Compact and portable design allows you to scan objects anywhere you take your iPad
- Transform your iPad into a mobile physical photography camera
- Capture objects ranging from small items to large structures for 3D printing
- Compatible with iPad Air, Mini (with retina display), and 4th generation iPad with retina display
- Handheld scanner for easy and versatile scanning from various angles
- Auto-optimised settings for scanning different sized objects
- Automatic object recognition for precise targeting in busy backgrounds
- Powered by 3D system’s Sense software for seamless operation

- Scanner Type: 3D scanner
- Compatibility: iPad Air, Mini (with retina display), 4th generation iPad with retina display
- Scan Range: Small, medium, large objects
- Software: Sense software
- Power Source: iPad
- Package Includes: iSense 3D scanner, iPad2, case

Warning: Ensure compatibility with your specific iPad model before purchase. Handle the scanner with care to prevent damage during scanning. Regularly clean the scanner lens for optimal scanning performance.

Capture the world around you in stunning 3D detail with the iSense mobile 3D scanner for iPad. This innovative scanner allows you to bring your creations to life with ease and precision. Scan objects of various sizes and shapes effortlessly, and unleash your creativity like never before. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the future of 3D scanning – get your iSense scanner today!