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About Us is a Portal and Guide for Cyprus on the Web. It is also everything that has to do with Cyprus and the Internet and the one in relation to the other. A comprehensive, functional and user friendly World Wide Web platform that is a gateway for Cyprus internet users to the world and vice versa. Moreover, a «meeting place» of Cyprus sites and surfers from Cyprus and other countries for exchange of information, online shopping, services and much more…

The official launching date of Cyprus Guide and Directory was March 1st, 2002. The site is already packed with lots of functions and utilities, with integrated search engines both for itself and the Web, an all browsers friendly easy to use interface and much more. is constantly being upgraded with an ever-growing multitude of functions and services keeping up with the fast pace of evolution in cyber space.


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Michael Koutsoftas 9, flat 303
Strovolos 2000 
Nicosia – Cyprus.

Tel.: 99482547 – 22314494
(Code for Cyprus +357)



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